10 questions to ask when hiring a private building inspector in Geelong

Building a new home is a big deal and can be a complicated and stressful process but it does not have to be. Independent building inspections and support from an expert Building Consultant can take the stress out of the building process so you can focus on enjoying the journey!

So, you know you want the support and assurance of having independent building inspections at each stage, great! If you are doing your research or comparing quotes, we have compiled some important questions you should ask before engaging someone to conduct private building inspections for your new build.


Q. Who will be completing my building inspection?

You want to ensure that the actual person conducting the inspections is a Registered Building Practitioner – not just one person from the company.

 All of our Assessors have this registration with the Victorian Building Authority, along with other qualifications and extensive experience in the construction industry. Read more about our team HERE.


Q. How much time is spent on site at each inspection stage?

This will give you an indication on how thorough the checks are.

While depends on the size of the house, if single/double storey and the overall standard of workmanship, on average our inspections take approx.:

  • Pre-pour: 2hrs + report writing
  • Frame: 3-4hrs + report writing
  • Pre-plaster: 3-4hrs + report writing
  • Waterproof/Fix: 2hrs + report writing
  • Final: 4-5hrs + report writing


Q. Can I see a sample checklist for each inspection stage?

This will show you what items will be checked at a minimum.

Our sample checklists show our commitment to you – they essentially highlight the minimum of what we look at during each inspection.


Q. Do you look at my contract and Architectural & Engineering drawings before the inspections?

A boy’s scout is always prepared!

We review the building contract documentation including Architectural & Engineering drawings, Specification and soil report prior to attending site so we know exactly what we are walking in to. We also conduct a risk assessment of specific items that we would like to check, beyond our standard checklist. These items may be unique to your build or something that we commonly find problems with.


Q. Do you re-inspect to see if the problems have been fixed?

It is all well and good to identify any problems but what is most important is that the problems have been fixed… and fixed properly. This is typically an extra inspection charge.

We include re-inspection of rectification works as standard part of our service for clients within our core service area which therefore adds a significant amount of value to your Quality Assurance package.

This means that if required, we will re-visit the house once at frame, pre-plaster, waterproof/fix and final stages to ensure that any items that were identified have been closed out. Due to time restrictions re-inspection is not possible for the pre-pour stage.

Q. Where are you based?

Apart from supporting a local business for the livelihood of your community and the continual development of your region, having someone close by who is never too far away should there be a problem is a big advantage when building – especially if you’re not living locally yourself.

We are proudly owned and operated in Geelong and our core service area reflects this. We often do drive-by’s to check up and keep tabs on our client’s projects and are never far away should an issue arise.

Being local also means we often cross paths with the same Supervisors in our region which works to everyone’s advantage – they know how we operate and what to expect with our inspections and reports. Likewise, we have a good idea of which individuals are more likely to push back and plan for this accordingly.


Q. Can I contact you any time throughout the build?

Ideally you will have one contact that you will deal with through your build. This ensures continuity for you, your Site Supervisor and having the same expert eye looking at each stage is beneficial especially as Supervisors can tend to move around.

We pride ourselves on providing a personalised service; our jobs have numbers, our clients do not. Our clients have a dedicated Assessor who they can contact at any time throughout their build if they have questions, concerns, or problems – it is all a part of our holistic service. If on occasion your Assessor was double-booked or on leave, you may have another Assessor conduct your inspection – rest assured they will be just as thorough and detailed with their reporting.


Q. Can you arrange the inspections with my Site Supervisor?

It can be tricky trying to be the middleman scheduling inspections with Supervisors who need to take into account trades on site and an independent Assessor who has their own busy schedule to work with.

Where possible, we liaise with your Site Supervisor to arrange inspections and take the hassle away from you. We ask if you hear any updates about the progress of your build, that you keep us in the loop.


Q. Am I able to meet my Assessor at the inspection?

Many people like to meet the person on site as it puts them at ease.

Our Assessors are more than happy to meet you on site before or after they have completed their inspection, just ensure you get approval from your builder. We do ask that you let the Assessor go about their comprehensive inspection as they have a process that they follow and would prefer not to be interrupted in the middle of a check. They will be pleased to discuss any major items of importance after the inspection or on the phone afterwards if you require.


Q. How much are your building inspections?

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Make sure if comparing quotes, you are comparing apples with apples to make an informed decision.

We are in no way the cheapest however can assure you that the value of our service is worth every penny. Personalised service, thorough inspections, detailed reporting, follow-up, ongoing support and guidance with your own dedicated Assessor who is a Registered Building Practitioner… For a small fraction of the overall build cost, we can save you from stress, worries and significantly reduce the risk of serious problems with your home. We’re confident to say it’ll be up there with the best money you’ve ever spent!


We hope this advice helps making your decision of appointing someone to conduct private building inspections for your new home a little easier.

Have more questions? We’d be pleased to assist, please contact our friendly team today.

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