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Independent building inspections for Builders in Geelong

Save time, money & deliver quality projects

Manse Group specialises in completing Independent Quality Assurance Inspections for proactive Builders in Geelong and the surrounding areas.

Investing in third party inspections throughout construction enables builders to monitor the quality of the build, reduce disputes and ongoing maintenance costs, while giving owners the peace of mind that their homes is completed to the highest possible standard.

Our detailed and easy to read reports ensure the construction team (including managers, Supervisors and relevant trades) are performing and delivering on the set benchmarks for building quality.

Our reports highlight the exact location of the defect/non-compliant item and can therefore easily close it out. They are unbiased and 100% factual and are generally sent the same day so there is no hold up to work.

All Manse Group inspections are completed by a Registered Building Practitioner (DB-U or IN-U). Our expertise helps to ensure key stages of the construction is in accordance with Contract Documents, the National Construction Code, relevant Australian standards and Victorian Building Authority’s Guide to Standards and Tolerances.

We typically inspect at Pre-pour, Frame, Pre-plaster, Waterproof/Fix and Final/PCI stages and can tailor our inspections in order to add the most value to your business.

Re-inspection of rectification works can also be included in our service to ensure non-complaint items are closed-out.

Manse Group conducts the following inspections for local custom and volume builders:

Investing in independent inspections throughout your projects will:

  • Reduce the risk of costly reworks and delays – items raised can be rectified before construction progresses
  • Reduce post-handover defects and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Reduce the likelihood of owners engaging another ‘private inspector’ therefore not having to deal with inferior reports that are fluffed up for the sake of it
  • Speed up stage payments as Supervisors schedule in stage completion dates
  • Ensure your Site Supervisors and trades understand your expectations for quality and processes
  • Free up Site Supervisor’s time to do more important things
  • Minimise risk of disputes and assist in maintaining your reputation
  • Demonstrate your commitment to delivering homes that are of the highest quality, reassuring prospective clients
  • Improve the overall quality of your projects
  • Eliminate the need to employ an individual in-house to complete Quality Assurance checks

Our innovative cloud-based portal that enables you to:

  • Log in to view all inspections and results/scores
  • Compare number of items raised at initial inspection vs number of items still remaining at re-inspection
  • Monitor inspections/results vs Supervisors and trades
  • Allows Supervisors to digitally allocate defects to specific trades (save printing reports)
  • Set site KPI’s for Supervisors and trades
  • Powerful analytic capabilities

Our holistic approach supports the construction team throughout the project. Enlisting Manse Group will streamline your auditing process, reduce your workload, and leave you with more time to grow your business.

We pride ourselves on our independence and feel that being engaged by both the client and builder on the same job could complicate the process. Therefore, we do not to take on clients who are building with builders who have partnered with us.


We proudly complete independent inspections at selected stages of construction for the following builders:

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We are excited at the prospect of becoming a part of your internal quality process and would be pleased to discuss your needs further with you. Contact us today.

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