Online Client Portal

Your access to site… when you can’t get there

Building a new home should be an exciting time and not being able to watch the progress can be very stressful, not to mention disappointing.

Whether you are working away, living interstate or overseas or COVID-19 restrictions are preventing you from being able to visit site while your house is under construction, we are here for you.

We can provide access to our online Client Portal and our dedicated Assessors can happily take some extra snaps while completeing our stage-by-stage building inspections so you can enjoy and feel a part of the process!

Many of our clients feel a sense of relief from being able to keep track of their build and access progress photos from our online client portal.

Click the image below to watch and learn more about our Online Client Portal.

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We are here for you! In addition to our thorough inspections and detailed reports, we’re pleased to offer some extra peace of mind for our clients.

We’d love to help ensure a quality build for your new home. For more information on our independent building inspections in the Geelong area and how we can support you throughout your build, contact our friendly team today.

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