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Expert Witness Reports & Defect Inspections Geelong

Defect Inspections & Expert Witness Reports for building dispute resolution and VCAT.

Building disputes are mentally, emotionally and financially draining. They can be difficult to resolve and take many years, so clear and concise information is important to achieve the best possible outcome. Manse Group specialises in defect inspections and expert witness reports for building disputes in Geelong and the surrounding areas.

When issues arise with your new or renovated home, whether it be a leaking balcony or roof, waterproofing issues in the bathroom, cracks or foundation movement, the most important thing to do initially is to compile the facts. An independent building inspection will determine which items are incomplete or defective, along with what is the cause of the issues. Every situation is unique; when inspecting and preparing our causation reports, we utilise many years of experience and knowledge.

If you are already engaged in the dispute resolution system or are hoping to avoid this by reaching a mutually agreeable outcome with your builder or client, an independent defect report by Manse Group may assist your case.

Our independent, Building Consultant will conduct a thorough inspection of the property with the aim of providing a facts-based opinion of what is causing the issue. Our facts-based reports take the emotion out of the situation, by referencing relevant clauses of the National Construction Code, Contract documentation and Australian Standards. We can also prepare a detailed costings estimate to rectify defects and incomplete works.

Our detailed building inspection and reports can be VCAT compliant and outline the defect/s in dispute, stating the facts, and including an expert opinion about the issue.

Here is our summary of the building dispute resolution process.

What sets us apart:

  • Inspections completed by highly experienced Registered Building Practitioners
  • Our inspections are in accordance with AS 4349.0-2007: Inspection of Buildings and comply with the builders OHS requirements
  • We maintain professionalism and a facts-based approach at all times
  • We are members of:
    • Member of Master Builders Association of Victoria
    • Building Dispute Practitioners’ Society
    • The Australian Society of Building Consultants Inc.
  • We are proud to be a small, family-owned business, servicing Geelong and the surrounding areas.

While the dispute resolution process is often an unexpected and costly exercise, investing in a thorough and detailed report that has been prepared by an expert can be extremely valuable evidence to substantiate your case. Every situation is unique, to see how we can assist with your building dispute, contact our friendly team today.

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