Independent support with your Architectural building projects

Your clients expect and are envisaging something special; a build that is of the highest quality and anything less puts your reputation at risk.

Project management support from Manse Group can ease the pressures of your building project and achieve a better outcome. Our expert team of building consultants provides certainty in the delivery of your project needs and objectives in consultation with you, both pre-construction and throughout the construction process.

With multiple projects on the go at any one time, various locations to travel to and many consultants and suppliers to manage, it can be difficult to find time for one of the most important things, Quality Assurance.

We’re passionate about quality construction and approach every project as if it was our own. Independent consultation from Manse Group will achieve a better outcome on your building projects.

Manse Group will help to:

  • Assess design and buildability: Utilise our building experience to determine if there are better, cheaper, faster, stronger way of building your project or a particular element of the project.
  • Ensure key stages of the construction is in accordance with Contract Documents, NCC, VBA’s Guide to Standards & Tolerances and relevant Australian Standards
  • Ensure that the contract and its specifications are complied with
  • Maintain a professional working relationship with the builder and other trades
  • Problem solve, reduce risk and overcome obstacles with your project
  • Save you time and minimise project delays and budget
  • Maintain your reputation in high esteem

Our Services

  • Drawing & Specification Reviews
    • Sometimes it is good to take a step back and get another opinion. Just like proofreading your own essay… It can be hard to spot errors because you’re so familiar with it.
  • Site Stage Inspections
    • Ensure the client is satisfied with the quality of the build and the overall building experience
  • Client-side Project Management Services
    • Enable you to focus on what you do best – design
  • Defect Reports

We can provide as much or as little support as you need, our services can be tailored to you and your project. We are experienced in the planning, organisation, management and delivery of a wide range of building projects and would be pleased to discuss your specific needs further. Contact us today to reduce your workload and ensure you have a quality finished product to hand over to your client.


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Google Rating
Based on 108 reviews