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Introducing… The ‘Essentials’ Package

There is a lot going on in the world and our local community. With increased financial pressures, times are tough for many. We have reflected on how we can be flexible and considered how we can assist more families with their new home builds without compromising on quality.

We’ve put a LOT of thought into this and are excited to be assisting and making a difference to more new home builds within the Geelong and surrounding region.

We are pleased to share that we now have two inspection package offerings for the five critical stages of construction (Pre-pour, Frame, Pre-plaster, Waterproof/Fix, Final):

  1. The ‘Essentials’ Package – An economical option which concentrates on core structural elements for peace of mind throughout a new home build.
  2. The ‘Complete’ Package – Our holistic service that incorporates the structural elements along with aesthetic elements. This is the service we have delivered since the beginning and what we have built our reputation on.

The idea and intention behind introducing the Essentials package is to ensure our service is accessible to everyone.

While typically we been positioned at a higher price point than other inspection companies in our area, it has always been in line with the service we’ve offered. As with most things, you get what you pay for. We’ve never focused on price; we’ve always strived to deliver QUALITY that is second to none as this is what our clients appreciate the most. We have considered reducing our service/checklist for many years to enable our pricing to be more competitive however it’s always been a difficult decision as our business and reputation has always been based on being thorough in what we deliver. As a team, we have deliberated and discussed to determine what could be reduced from our checks to still ensure the most important items are captured, while still adding significant value for our clients.

Focussing on core structural elements, water ingress and waterproofing, the Essentials checklists have been based on the most common items we find at each stage of construction, as well as the most significant items. Our sample checklists are colour-coded to highlight the items assessed with each package, so you can simply compare the option that best suits your needs and budget.

Another key difference between the two packages, is that re-inspection of rectification works is not included in the Essentials package, whereas we include one re-inspection at frame, pre-plaster, waterproof/fix and final stages with the Complete package. From our perspective, this is a huge time-saver and has enabled us to reduce the price of the Essentials package. While we consider re-inspections to be very important, we have found that many clients are happy to go through our reports with their Site Supervisor who can show them how they the items have been completed. Our easy-to-read reports with marked up locations make this possible. If there are concerns at any stage throughout the build, clients can always add a re-inspection to the package, simply get in touch with our team.

Our Essentials package is available for single storey builds when three or more inspection stages are selected. Full transparency, while the Essentials package is a simplified service in comparison to the Complete package, we hold our heads high knowing that it exceeds other industry service providers.

Items identified during the inspections are provided in detailed reports and are completed our qualified and experienced Assessors, who are all individually Registered Building Practitioners, and the same passion and care is taken to prepare our detailed inspection reports regardless of the package selected.

Our pricing has always been on a case-by-case basis; we factor in details such as the build size, single/double storey, approx. build cost along with our experience with the builder to help determine price as it comes back to the amount of time we expect to spend on a project, reviewing documentation, inspection, re-inspecting, reporting etc. Reducing the level of service allocated to a project is a compromise that we are now offering as an option to enable our services available to more people.

The Essentials package may not be for everyone; however, we believe it provides an excellent option for many first homeowners, families and investors with a limited budget to have an expert set of eyes look over their home.

These days, you’d be crazy to consider building without having independent inspections at the critical stages of the build. There’s no doubt that building a new home makes for a very expensive time and it is fair to wonder why you’d need to pay for independent support to check that the builder is building your new home to the minimum standard. If you think that you can’t afford private inspections throughout your build, we urge you to read our blog post which discusses why you can’t afford not to >> ‘I can’t afford private building inspections’.

Our goal is always to ensure a better build and the Essentials package is no different. No matter what your budget, we’d be pleased to help ensure a quality build for your new home.

Our friendly team would be happy to discuss your options and help select the most suitable package for you. Contact us today.

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