11 Reasons why independent building inspections are a MUST

If you’re building a new home, private inspections are essential for quality assurance and peace of mind

Investing in independent building inspections at the critical stages of your new home build is vital to ensuring your dream home or investment property is built to the relevant Australian standards and in a workmanlike manner, among many other reasons.

Here are our top reasons why you should never build without the support of an independent Building Assessor:

  1. Set the standard – The allocation of Site Supervisors to new projects is generally not random… often it is the more particular clients who get the ‘better’ Supervisors. Engaging a qualified expert to conduct building inspections from the very beginning of your project reiterates that you expect a good job.
  2. Consistency is key – It is not uncommon for Supervisors to move around companies so engaging an independent Building Assessor will ensure you have someone oversee your project from start to finish.
  3. Been there, seen that – An excellent Building Assessor will have a great deal of knowledge and experience looking at homes throughout all stages of construction – they will have a good idea of things that commonly go wrong and know when to investigate further.
  4. By the books – An independent building inspection will check that the quality of workmanship at each stage is within tolerance and complaint with the National Construction Code, Australian Standards, manufacturers guidelines , as well as in accordance with elements of your contractual documentation.
  5. Remove the emotion – If things are not going as planned, it is easy to worry, feel frustrated and get angry however this is not productive. An independent Building Consultant will stick to the facts and take the emotion out of the situation, always ensuring that your best interests are at heart.
  6. You don’t know what you don’t know – You may think you can pick problems yourself, but do you really know the National Construction Code, VBA’s Guide to Standards and Tolerances like the back of your hand? A trained eye will pick up defects and non-compliant items and will look at things that you may not have even considered.
  7. Relationships are key – A good working relationship with your Supervisor goes a long way towards a successful building experience. Getting an expert to identify problems gives them someone else to be disgruntled with and can help to keep the peace between you and your Supervisor.
  8. Advocate – Having someone in your corner who can provide advice and guidance on how best to tackle a murky/difficult situation is invaluable. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes the backing of qualifications for concerns to be heard. Having an independent Building Consultant on your side from the very beginning gives you leverage, your concerns credibility and someone to help advocate for you.
  9. Proof – Detailed and documented reports with marked-up photos by a Registered Building Practitioner can be utilised in the future should problems arise because of a non-compliant item.
  10. Wise investment – You insure your car, health, house & contents, income, maybe even your mobile phone… It’s a no-brainer that spending approx. 1-2% of your build cost on stage-by-stage inspections for one of your biggest investments is a logical way to reduce the stress and protect your family for the long term!
  11. Enjoy the journey – Building a new home should be an exciting time. You have spent years saving for it, months planning for it and countless hours dreaming about it so kick back and have peace of mind throughout the process.

Although a new home building inspection is an additional cost during an already expensive time, it will save you a great deal of stress, worry and money down the track.

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