Builder restricting site access

Is your builder trying to limit the number of independent inspections you can have or imposing time limits?

When builders attempt to limit inspection quantities and or put time limits on new home inspections in Geelong, we refer to them the below;

As per Section 8 of the Domestic Building Contracts Act the builder is required to warrant that the works are completed to

a. “proper and workmanlike manner” in accordance with the “plans and specifications set out in the contract”
c. That works will be carried out in accordance with and will comply with all laws and legal requirements i.e., the National Construction Code and relevant Australian Standards
d. Ensure that works will be carried out with “reasonable care and skill”

Manse Group strives to ensure that builder’s hold up their contractual obligations by completing thorough inspections and detailed reports. If poor/non “workmanlike” items are identified during inspections the client has a right to receive access for themselves or their authorised representative under Section 19(1) of the Domestic Building Contracts Act; Access to building site:

  1. “A builder must permit the building owner (or a person authorised by the building owner) to have reasonable access to the building site and to view any part of the building works. Penalty: 20 penalty units.”

Manse Group complete thorough stage-by-stage building inspections throughout construction of new homes and include a re-inspection of rectification works at frame, pre-plaster, waterproof/fix and final stages of a build in our building inspection packages. This means that if required, we will re-visit the house to ensure that any items that were identified have been closed out. Our re-inspections hold the builder accountable as non-compliant items that are still outstanding will be raised again. Our clients cannot be talked around to accept something that is unacceptable, and the issue cannot be covered up.

For further information and clarification about accessing your building site, Consumers Affairs Victoria has some good facts-based content. Click HERE or contact them on 1300 55 81 81.

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