New NCC 2022 Requirements

Requirements for new livable housing, updated energy efficiency and condensation management came into effect this month.

Although the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022 was adopted in 2023 these additional requirements are now implemented.

As with any changes to regulations there are transition periods to ensure it can be done as smoothly as possibly. Under section 10 of the Building Act the Relevant Building Surveyor has the ability to make the determination if substantial progress on the design of the building was made prior to the commencement of a new regulation. So, keep an eye out for any formal document from your Relevant Building Surveyor if you are receiving a building permit in the near future.

As for the changes some main ones include;

Livable Housing 

  • Step free access paths to the entry of the home
  • Entrance to the dwelling to be step free with a minimum clear opening width of 820mm
  • Minimum landing sizes at the dwelling entrance
  • Internal doors at entrance level to have a minimum clear width of 820mm
  • Corridor widths to be minimum 1000mm
  • Shower to be step free and located on entrance floor
  • Reinforcing to shower, bath, and toilet walls so grabrails can be readily fitted in the future; and,
  • Minimum circulation sizes for shower and toilet

Condensation Management 

  • Ventilating roof spaces at eave line and ridge
  • The vapour permeance of the pliable membrane in the wall and roof
  • Exhaust fans to ventilate to the outside air
  • Interconnecting fans with lights and timer switch; and,
  • Make up air to rooms with ventilation system

Energy Efficiency 

  • A shift from a 6 star to 7-star energy rating
  • “Whole of Home” assessment that considers the energy using of the domestic services: Hot water system, heating and cooling system, pool, and spa pump, which can be offset by the energy generated by a photovoltaic system
  • Slab insulation requirements
  • Class 2 apartment buildings or class 4 dwellings will need to achieve a 7-star rating, with each sole occupancy achieving a 6-star rating
  • Designs for Class 2 – 9 buildings will need to consider the following:
  • Systems to monitor energy usage
  • Electrical vehicle charging equipment; and,
  • Future installation for solar photovoltaic and battery systems

As with any change, our team are attending seminars, webinars and will discuss on impacts this will have on items we look at and how we can identify issues in a proactive manner giving homeowners, investors, developers and builders peace of mind throughout their building journeys.


If you have questions or queries regarding your build, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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