Documentation Review

Mitigate design & contract issues before they arise

Contract Review

The most important phase in the new home building process is to have the design documents reviewed to ensure there are no discrepancies.

A fresh set of eyes examining drawings and contract documentation helps to foresee issues which could cause delays to your project.

Our expertise can help to:

  • Assess buildability to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Dissect floor plans and elevations, engineering, electrical and hydraulic drawings, overlaying the information to ensure successful integration
  • Identify drawing discrepancies
  • Review specifications
  • Check planning and building permit requirements are met


  • Maintain your reputation and ensure professionalism
  • Reduce overall build cost
  • Reduce the risk of variation exposure and the associated time and cost impact
  • Improve program certainty by minimising errors and delays to your project
  • Reduce RFI's and time consuming paperwork

Following each review, we provide a detailed report highlighting areas requiring clarification. Potential issues that may result in costly re-works and delays to the build can then be addressed before they become an issue.