Site Inspections

reduce the risk of costly defects & reworks TO YOUR NEW HOME

Stage by stage inspections ensure quality control on site and give peace of mind to owners and builders. Inspections check that contractor workmanship is of an acceptable level and ensure that items which could delay future trades or impact the project financially, are closed out.

Site Inspection

The purpose of our inspections is to confirm that the construction is in accordance with Contract Documentation, the Building Act and Regulations, the Building Code of Australia, relevant Australian Standards and the Victorian Building Authority's Guide to Standards and Tolerances.

Our inspections are completed as per AS 4349.0-2007 and highlight items that are not covered by the mandatory inspections carried out by the Building Surveyor.

Generally, the critical times for inspections are;
     1. Pre-pour
     2. Frame
     3. Pre-plaster
    4. Final handover
5. Post-handover/Warranty

Each stage of the build flows on to another important stage so it’s imperative that issues are identified and rectified when they are visible i.e. not hidden behind concrete or plasterboard, and prior to additional works proceeding, to prevent reworks and variations.

Following each inspection, we provide a detailed report highlighting defects and/or potential issues that could result in costly re-works and delays to the build. Our comprehensive report makes items easily actionable and trackable builders and contractors.

The final defects inspection is the opportunity to identify shortfalls of your new home; including construction, quality of finishing and any safety concerns. It is important that these issues are addressed before you make the final payment to your builder. Reduce the risk to your investment and organise your new home inspection today.


  • Ensure that the contract and specifications are complied with

  • Any issues can be rectified prior to additional works proceeding, preventing reworks and variations

  • Save time and minimise project delays and variations

  • Ensure you are satisfied with the quality of the build


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