Project Management Services

everything you need WHEN building YOUR dream home

We guide building clients and developers through all stages of the building process. From your initial vision through to when you receive the keys, Manse Group is there for you. We have vast experience in the construction industry allowing you to enter the building process with confidence. 

Ideally clients approach us at the start of their project, however our services can be tailored to you and your project.

Our Project Management Services include:

  • Design Guidance & Drawing Review

    • Ensure there are no discrepancies
    • Assess buildability
    • Evaluate architectural floor plans and elevations, engineering, electrical, plumbing drawings and builder specifications
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  • Pricing Breakdowns & Quote Comparisons

    • We simplify the quotation stage to make your decision easier. As the saying goes, we help you to compare 'apples with apples' to see where quotations vary
    • Careful analysis of these documents can help with selecting your builder
    • Guidance on choosing the right builder
    • Review of builder progress claims and claims for cost variations
    • Review of extension of time claims
  • Contract & Specification Review

    • We will walk you through each section of the contract, explaining the terms and clauses so you have a clear understanding of all the information
    • Ensure that what you have agreed upon with your builder is reflected in the contract with no discrepancies
    • Protect and understand your rights
    • Ensure your contract is in line with industry standards
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  • Quality Assurance Site Inspections

    • Ensure quality control on site and gives peace of mind to owners
    • Ensure contractor workmanship is of an acceptable level
    • Identify items which could potentially delay future trades, costing both time and money
    • Monitoring progress of the works to ensure project milestones are maintained
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  • Defect Reports

    • A fresh set of expert eyes can pick up defects that may have otherwise been overlooked
    • We examine a complete range of potential problems from structural issues to paint overruns

Manse Group will ensure your project is built as per the Contract Documentation, the Building Act and Regulations, the Building Code of Australia, relevant Australian Standards and Victorian Building Authority's Guide to Standards and Tolerances.

Our holistic approach to the entire building process ensures higher quality outcomes in construction.


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