Independent Quality Assurance


Unfortunately the building process can be overwhelming, stressful, confusing and financially taxing.

Obtaining independent advice from Manse Group can ease the pressures of your building project and achieve a better outcome. Our expertise ensures each stage of the construction is in accordance with your contract documentation, the Building Act and Regulations, Building Code of Australia, relevant Australian Standards and Victorian Building Authority's Guide to Standards and Tolerances. 

You can rest assured your project will be independently managed and reviewed to ensure quality and minimise the risk of variation exposure.



Ideally clients approach us at the start of their project, however the below services can be tailored to you and your project:

Contract Review

  • Contract review

  • Specification review

  • Drawing review

Design Coordination

  • Design guidance

  • Drawing overlays

Project Management Services

  • Design guidance

  • Drawing review

  • Pricing breakdowns

  • Quote comparisons

  • Guidance on choosing a builder

  • Contract review

  • Site inspections

  • Defect reports

Site Inspections

  • Site pre-start

  • Pre-pour

  • Frame

  • Pre-plaster

  • Waterproof/Fix

  • Final handover

  • Post-handover/Warranty

Our approach is simple; we are at all times focused on supporting our clients to achieve their end goal, a beautifully built new home. We are here to provide ongoing support and assistance from the beginning of your building project through to completion for a better build.

We commit to your project as if it was our own.
— Jake Pitman, Managing Director