Quality Assurance for your commercial projects

Your clients expect and are envisaging something special; a build that is of the highest quality and anything less puts your reputation at risk.

With multiple projects on the go at any one time, various locations to travel to and many consultants and suppliers to manage, it can be difficult to find time for one of the most important things, Quality Assurance.

Independent consultation from Manse Group will achieve a better outcome on your building projects. 

Manse Group will help to:

  • Ensure key stages of the construction is in accordance with Contract Documents, Building Code of Australia, Victorian Building Authority Standards and Tolerances and relevant Australian Standards
  • Ensure that the contract and its specifications are complied with
  • Maintain a professional working relationship with the builder and other trades
  • Problem solve, reduce risk and overcome obstacles with your project
  • Save you time and minimise project delays and budget
  • Ensure the client is satisfied with the quality of the build and the overall building experience
  • Maintain your reputation in high esteem


Manse Group will reduce your workload and ensure you have a quality finished product to hand over to your client.

We commit to your project as if it was our own.
— Jake Pitman, Managing Director


We hope you use and value your partnership with Manse Group as a selling tool for your business. Your clients will be very pleased to know you are committed to excellence and receive independent Quality Assurance auditing for your projects.

Working with Manse Group will:

  • Highlight your commitment to delivering the best possible project
  • Give you a competitive edge which can be factored into your pricing
  • Provide opportunities for cross-promotion
  • Expand your network for referrals